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Impresora que no usa ningún consumible (ni tinta ni toner)

... usa papel hecho con PET (calculo que reciclado) ... el papel no parece ser caro (la impresora si, como 4000 U$S, en blanco y negro) ... El papel se puede reusar hasta 1000 veces. ES bastante rápida (como una buena laser) ... parece buena idea no ? Si me dicen que el papel se hace con plastico reciclado, me parece interesantisimo).


De la página del fabricante (http://www.sanwa-newtec.co.jp/english/products/rp_rp_3100_e.html)

  Economical printer without articles of consumption

PrePeat is a printer to which it differs from the printer printed in copy paper like a laser printer and an inkjet printer, etc. and the sheet (rewritable sheet ) only for PrePeat is assumed to be media.Because it never runs up the expense of the articles of consumption by never using all toners like the laser printer, cartridges of drum, and the ink cartridges like an inkjet printer, Prepeat that does the print and the deletion by using heat is economical.Moreover, the time of the stock control and the substitution of the articles of consumption can be saved. Moreover, it is the best also for the print in the environment of hygiene that treats a clean room or food and the medicine that handles the precision machine because there is no worry with which the toner scatters from the use of neither the toner nor ink and overflows ink. 

    Cycloid type media that it is strong in water, and contrast is good
Rewritable sheet  printed by the leuco method is made from the PET film.

Printed what never blots, contains water, becomes sodden, and there is bringing to the water surroundings in worrying even if it wets it to water.Moreover, the surface of a rewritable sheet has little reflection in a mat tone, and further, since coloring is also excellent, the high print of visibility carried out distinctly is made. 

  Coexistence of "environmental protection" and "low cost"

Being able to use a rewritable sheet repeatedly, the number of times of rewriting amounts to about 1000 times per sheet (it changes with use situations).Therefore, consumption for 1000 sheets of copy papers can be held down with one rewritable sheet.Moreover, to carrying out about 4 yen per print to the copy paper (one side) of A4 (a paper, toner included . 5% of print ratio), since a rewritable sheet is about 0.3 yen, it becomes the about 3.5 yen cost cut per print, and contributes to cost reduction greatly.  

Copy paper 1000 sheet

One rewritable sheet
  The idea of "eco-plus"
A running cost is sharply reducible by the view of reducing the amount used, such as a copy paper, by adding not the view of replacement but PrePeat to the ink jet printer and laser printer in use now, and using printing properly according to use.

1. The proper use leads to the eco-activity which reduces the amount of the paper used certainly.
2. The toner of a printer and the amount of the ink-jet used which are used now can be stopped, and a printer also withstands long use.

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